Complex made simple. perfectly.

We are a boutique corporate advisory and management consultancy firm, operating across a broad spectrum of industries

Through highly personalised service our clients are able to easily navigate complex situations. We think hard and seek precision in our work. We provide our clients with meaningful evaluation, then support them to implement the outcomes. Our clients depend on our input to make good decisions. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. We aim to form strong reciprocal relationships based on loyalty and integrity. When it comes to deliverables, our clients have high expectations and that’s what we deliver.

Our recent achievements

Adviser to Z Energy on the sale of its Mini-Tankers refuelling business to Waitomo Group (2023)

Adviser to solarZero and its shareholders on the sale of 100% solarZero’s equity to BlackRock for consideration in excess of $100m (2022).

Adviser to P6 Energy on the sale of its 16MW solar development in Northland (2022)

Adviser to Morrison & Co regarding the acquisition of a confidential PPP asset (2021)

Adviser to NX2 regarding COVID related contract changes to the ~$800m Puhoi to Warkworth Motorway PPP (2021)

Adviser to MiLife on the sale of its retirement village portfolio to BeGroup (2021)

Adviser to Alpine Energy on its sale of the Infratec solar EPC and development company to WEL Energy (2020)

Adviser to Indevin Group on its acquisition of the Winegrowers of Ara’s 1,480ha vineyard and wine inventory from Todd Capital, and associated debt refinancing (2016)

Adviser to King Country Energy’s Independent Directors in relation to Nova Energy’s sale of its 54.1% shareholding and subsequent takeover offers from TrustPower (2015-2018)

Financial adviser to Fletcher Building regarding a debt restructuring on the Auckland Prison PPP project to reduce the quantum of liquidated damages payable by the D&C contractor for late delivery of the project (2018).

Our roots

36°51’26.0”S 174°25’43.4”E

West Coast is a reference to our location. The West Coast of Auckland, near a good surf beach, fishing and diving. Where the elements are more extreme, but the rewards are greater too. To be situated outside of the CBD was a risk, but as with all things we do, the situation was assessed, the consequences understood and our decisions were balanced against reward.

And Capital, or rather the balance of it, is a reference to the requirements for success. Both monetary and human capital. Not too much debt and not too much equity, nor too much risk or too much conservatism. Not too much work, but enough to satisfy aspiration. Balancing the combination of these elements is critical to success and survival in all aspects.